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External roller blinds

External roller blinds decrease heat loss by 40%, provide good sound isolation, and protects from unwanted entry.

• Protects from strong rain, wind and solar radiation.

• Protects from unwanted entry.

Additionally mounted automatic or hand bolts protect blinds from lifting up when it is lowered.

• Blinds may be operated by a variety of manual drives or electrical motors. A number of switches can be selected to control the motor driven blinds: simple switch, switch with a key, remote control and complex fully automated operation for single or multiple blinds.

• Profile or blinds come in various colours.

• External roller blinds may be fixed on different surfaces.

• From the size of the external roller blinds will be dependant which width profile will be used. Profile can be 39, 42, 55 and 77 mm.

External roller blinds are made from high quality aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane.







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