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We invite you for cooperation!

We provide a full range of services for the production of all types of sun protection systems: classical blinds, cassette blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, blinds, pleated blinds, mosquito nets, Japanese curtains.


Our advantages are:

• Own production;

• Advanced equipment for the manufacture of products;

• Private storage of components and materials;

• The shortest production time;

• Competitive dealer prices;

• High quality products;

• Use of only high-quality components and materials from leading manufacturers of sun protection systems.


The company’s policy is focused on providing the highest quality products to the consumer. The company selects only the highest quality materials and components for the manufacture of products, in accordance with the relevant technological requirements.


We offer catalogues of products to our dealers to ensure the highest customer service quality, the necessary information support, and provide continuous advice.


Any company that sells windows, doors, curtains, curtain rods, furniture and other goods, as well as construction companies and contractors, can easily become our partner dealers. Using own potential and specifics of business, as well as our experience, skills and manufacturing capabilities, most of our dealer companies easily master sales skills making these skills a significant additional source of income.





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