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Cassette Blinds


Cassette blinds are modern design elements, which restrict the maximum sunlight into the room, and can be used in any interior. They are mounted on plastic - aluminum - wood and windows.

• Adjust running smoothly

• Will be fixed in any position...



Classic blinds are very popular in Europe and recently also in Estonia. When choosing a waterproof and easy to clean fabric, these blinds can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. They help to create a cozy and original interiors of your home.

• Simple and sturdy construction

• Non-flammable...


Mini Blinds


MINI roller blinds quickly and easily mounted on the window frame or door using small screws. Management is carried out blind chain, whereby the fabric is fixed at any height.The main advantage of the mini-blinds are...

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are made ​​from strips of fabric (fabric). Vertical blinds are mostly used for offices and modern apartments.• Controlled by chains or electric motor

• Can be mounted in the windows, and the use of space allocation (split)

• Mounted on the ceiling or attached to the wall

• White mechanism...

Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are window coverings, produced mainly textiles or wood. Roman blinds are ideal for creating a cozy and warm atmosphere, both at home and in the office. The advantage of Roman blinds is a small amount of material, as in the fully lowered position before the window curtain forms...

Pleanted Blinds 20 mm


One of the recent developments in interior design element can be called pleated blinds, which are consistent with their excellent functionality and pleasing aesthetic appearance. Pleated blinds can fasten onto the window frames of various shapes...

Venetian Blinds.png
Venetian Blinds


Aluminum horizontal blinds rightly considered one of the most practical types of blinds. They have excellent solar control properties. We have a large range of colors, different textures lamellae ( smooth, perforated ). Slats for horizontal aluminum blinds are made of a thin aluminum tape width 50mm, 35mm, 25mm and 16mm...

Wooden and bamboo Blinds


Wooden and bamboo blinds - exquisite piece of furniture. Wood is a natural choice for almost any interior. Wood brings us closer to the beauty of nature and at the same time is warm, durable and versatile material. Like indoor furniture...

Panel Blinds


Japanese curtains in the interior look luxurious. They look great on the big and wide windows. They are also used as a curtain - partition. Japanese curtain appeal not only to those who appreciate Japanese design. She reserved and laconic, perfectly fit in any interior and will be ideal for decorating your windows. Panel move freely on special multilayer eaves and can be easily moved apart in...


Blinds „Night and Day“

New sun protection products in the area!

• The smallest freefall duolight fabric blinds system

• Tube diameters: 19mm, 32mm, 40mm

• System Color: white, brown

• Options: Side Management.

The blinds are made ​​of a double fabric...

External roller blinds


External roller blinds decrease heat loss by 40%, provide good sound isolation, and protects from unwanted entry.

• Protects from strong rain, wind and solar radiation.

• Protects from unwanted entry.

Additionally mounted automatic or hand bolts protect blinds from lifting up when it is lowered.

• Blinds may be operated by a variety of manual drives or...






Want to give your interior a unique slightly sweet and airy style? Then consummate the latest developments in the field of vertical blinds fabric "Strings". Lamella width of 89mm, the appearance of lightness, softness and comes in many different colors and shades.

• A very elegant and stylish look

• Made ​​of thin ribbons consist of material...

Mosquito net


Mosquito nets are effective protection against unpleasant and annoying insects. Mosquito screen, fixed to the window frame, forms an effective filter between the environment and location.

Door mosquito net


Mosquito door hinges and has a rigid frame reinforced cross impost. Ideal for installation on the balcony doors, a mesh need not be removed or retracted into the box when you need to pass. Reliable, simple, especially careful attitude is not required. Clamp door leaf is provided with magnetic locks. For balcony or exit to the veranda door mosquito - beautiful and reliable option.

Roll mosquito net


Roll mosquito net - suitable for installation in a window or doorway. Such a grid often mounted on the door, it does not require space for storage , as is fixedly secured in the opening . Consists of two rails and boxes with inertial mechanism. Inertial mechanism allows you to drop and fix the fabric , and then fold it back into the box when the grid is not needed. Comfortable, stylish , modern. Establish its best with doors is connected with the peculiarities of the box and installation guides. Like any complex mechanism , roller mosquito nets installed on plastic windows, require careful treatment.

Electric Blinds


If you like the convenience, you can have only one choice - electric blinds. And it is very convenient. Just imagine how great awakening in the morning without getting up from the bed to remove the curtain from the window to enjoy the sunshine.

Manual curtains tracks


+ There are three basic manually controlled curtain tracks: KS and DS — manual control, by pulling a fabric, and CKS — cord control;

- large variety of cornice types: on wall, celling and angle supports.

- Possibilities: rail bending.

Roll-up grilles


Roll-up grilles are perfect to safeguard banks, shops, display halls, restaurants, etc. They provide security but don't block out the sight.


• We can provide a wide range of rolling grill patterns that can be installed inside or outside;

• Electrically operated;

• Protects from momentary break-in...





This system is used in buildings with large glass surfaces. These are: halls in shopping malls, offices, patios, winter gardens etc. Sunshield blind is perfect solution for covering large spaces of glass and keeping right temperature inside...



Winter Meeting


Winter Meeting System is a type of the roman blind with side guides. The system is the most suitable for winter gardens or other glass constructions.


• Shrinking fabric uncovers the window.

• A variety of fabrics can be used.

• The system can be operated by cord or electrically...


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